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CNPq Certificado

Somos um grupo de pesquisa certificado pelo Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq)

                                          Nosso grupo no CNPq
O Grupo de Pesquisa em Ciências da Decisão INTEGRA se dedica ao estudo e desenvolvimento de métodos baseados na teoria dos jogos, teoria do julgamento e decisão, teoria da escolha social e métodos multicritério para propor soluções que considerem os conflitos de interesse na tomada de decisão em grupo

XLIX Simpósio Brasileiro de Pesquisa Operacional

Postado 2017/09/14

Remarkable participation on SBPO 2017 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It was our first group participation on the conference, having participation of four group's members. We were very well welcomed by Prof Nelson and all team from Fundação Universidade de Blumenau (FURB), which held the event.  

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XVI Group Decision and Negotiation conference

Postado 2016/09/20

The GDN international conference from the Group Decision and Negotiation section of the INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences), the largest society in the world for professionals in the area of operational ​​research and management sciences, aims to present the advances in the different group decision-making approach and negotiating processes.

Its 16th edition, held in Bellingham, WA, USA, was very well organized by Prof. Deepinder Bajwa, Western Washington University, USA, Sabine Koeszegi, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and Rudolf Vetschera, University of Vienna, Austria. The number of days was appropriate and also the number of sections.

Three papers were presented at the event and another was included in the proceedings. The papers presented and included in the GDN proceedings were: "A deviation index proposal to evaluate group decision making based on equilibrium solutions", "Combining a score with a non-ranking method for a corporate group decision making of vision and mission", e "Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant: Application of a Group MCDA Method". The first two papers were co authored with the student Scientific Initiation Fernanda de Sessa, FAPESP scholarship in 2014/2015. The paper not presented but included in the GDN proceeedings was the "Eliciting selection methods: comparison of ROC and SWING methods for group decision making". 

XXIII International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Postado 2015/08/08

It was in Hamburg, a very nice city in the north of German, where the XXIII MCDM International Conference was held. It was a very remakable conference, which the attendance of people from every part of the world. Especial thanks for Sandra Zajac and Prof. Martin Josef Geiger, the organizers of the event, for the kindly welcome.

Our group had three papers accepeted, from which two were presented, namely: "Utility Function for modeling Group Multicriteria Decision Making Problems as Games" and "Negotiation styles and group multicriteria decision making".  


It was very nice to see again Prof. Autran and Prof. Krohling, whit whom was shared very good ideas and good time together, and to see again Prof. Almeida an his very important research group in Brazil. It was also very nice in having meeting Prof. Helen Moshkovich, Prof Marko Bohanec, Prof. Harold Frigolett, Prof. Ana Paula Costa, Prof. Omkarprasad Vaidya, Prof. Mei-Chen Lo and Prof. Martin Drozda, with our discussions of very nice ideias from the field of MCDM.  

I am very happy also to have met Erman Ackar and Carlos Infante, both PhD students which are doing very good research. 

XLVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Pesquisa Operacional

Postado 2014/09/30

At last, my first attendance in the most famous Brazilian congress in the Operational Research area, the SBPO 2014.  

The Scientific Event "XLVI Brazilian Symposium of Operational Research" was held in Salvador 16-19 September 2014 and got together researcher leaders in Operational Research from all regions of the country. The event provided a healthy and productive discussion about issues in the area.

In the opening speech of the event, "The Promise of Agent-based Modeling and Simulation", Prof. Charles Macal, from the University of Chicago/USA, talked about the major trends of the Agent-based Modeling area. In my research area, namely Multicriteria Methods, the event held nine sessions of paper presentations, being all relevant and cutting edge papers. My contribution was the paper "Ranking inconsistency on the use of multiple criteria decision making methods".

My assessment was very positive, surpassing initial expectations. I have great interest in participating in upcoming events.

Special thanks for Prof. Borenstein who first told me about this event, Prof. Autran, for his kindness in talking about multiple criteria decision making methods and Prof. Marins for FAPESP support. 


International Workshop on Game Theory and Economic Applications

Postado 2014/07/31

It was very nice our participation at International Workshop on Game Theory and Economic Applications of the Game Theory Society, which was held in São Paulo at FEA-USP, from 24-31 July, celebrating the birthday of Prof. Marilda Sotomayor.





We presented two posters, "Modeling multicriteria group decision making using Game Theory" and "Review of algorithms to find Nash equilibrium and their use in group decision making" and could meet and interact with people from every part of world, including Prof. John Nash Jr, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Steven Brams, from New York University.


We were warmly welcomed by Prof. Maurício Bugarin, from Universidade de Brasília, and Prof. Marilda Sotomayor, from FEA, which were the organizers of the event, and it was a unique experience to attend such a great workshop.