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CNPq certificated

We are a research group certificated by the Brazilian  National Council for Scientific and Technological Development

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The Research Group in Decision Sciences - INTEGRA aims to develop and study methods based on game theory, judgement theory, decision theory and social choice theory to propose solutions that consider the conflict of interests in group decision-making 

XXIII International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Posted 8/8/2015

It was in Hamburg, a very nice city in the north of German, where the XXIII MCDM International Conference was held. It was a very remakable conference, which the attendance of people from every part of the world. Especial thanks for Sandra Zajac and Prof. Martin Josef Geiger, the organizers of the event, for the kindly welcome.

Our group had three papers accepeted, from which two were presented, namely: "Utility Function for modeling Group Multicriteria Decision Making Problems as Games" and "Negotiation styles and group multicriteria decision making".  


It was very nice to see again Prof. Autran and Prof. Krohling, whit whom was shared very good ideas and good time together, and to see again Prof. Almeida an his very important research group in Brazil. It was also very nice in having meeting Prof. Helen Moshkovich, Prof Marko Bohanec, Prof. Harold Frigolett, Prof. Ana Paula Costa, Prof. Omkarprasad Vaidya, Prof. Mei-Chen Lo and Prof. Martin Drozda, with our discussions of very nice ideias from the field of MCDM.  

I am very happy also to have met Erman Ackar and Carlos Infante, both PhD students which are doing very good research.