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CNPq certificated

We are a research group certificated by the Brazilian  National Council for Scientific and Technological Development

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The Research Group in Decision Sciences - INTEGRA aims to develop and study methods based on game theory, judgement theory, decision theory and social choice theory to propose solutions that consider the conflict of interests in group decision-making 

XVI Group Decision and Negotiation conference

Posted 20/9/2016

The GDN international conference from the Group Decision and Negotiation section of the INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences), the largest society in the world for professionals in the area of operational ​​research and management sciences, aims to present the advances in the different group decision-making approach and negotiating processes.

Its 16th edition, held in Bellingham, WA, USA, was very well organized by Prof. Deepinder Bajwa, Western Washington University, USA, Sabine Koeszegi, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and Rudolf Vetschera, University of Vienna, Austria. The number of days was appropriate and also the number of sections.

Three papers were presented at the event and another was included in the proceedings. The papers presented and included in the GDN proceedings were: "A deviation index proposal to evaluate group decision making based on equilibrium solutions", "Combining a score with a non-ranking method for a corporate group decision making of vision and mission", e "Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant: Application of a Group MCDA Method". The first two papers were co authored with the student Scientific Initiation Fernanda de Sessa, FAPESP scholarship in 2014/2015. The paper not presented but included in the GDN proceeedings was the "Eliciting selection methods: comparison of ROC and SWING methods for group decision making".