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XLVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Pesquisa Operacional

Posted 30/9/2014

At last, my first attendance in the most famous Brazilian congress in the Operational Research area, the SBPO 2014.  

The Scientific Event "XLVI Brazilian Symposium of Operational Research" was held in Salvador 16-19 September 2014 and got together researcher leaders in Operational Research from all regions of the country. The event provided a healthy and productive discussion about issues in the area.

In the opening speech of the event, "The Promise of Agent-based Modeling and Simulation", Prof. Charles Macal, from the University of Chicago/USA, talked about the major trends of the Agent-based Modeling area. In my research area, namely Multicriteria Methods, the event held nine sessions of paper presentations, being all relevant and cutting edge papers. My contribution was the paper "Ranking inconsistency on the use of multiple criteria decision making methods".

My assessment was very positive, surpassing initial expectations. I have great interest in participating in upcoming events.

Special thanks for Prof. Borenstein who first told me about this event, Prof. Autran, for his kindness in talking about multiple criteria decision making methods and Prof. Marins for FAPESP support.