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International Workshop on Game Theory and Economic Applications

Posted 31/7/2014

It was very nice our participation at International Workshop on Game Theory and Economic Applications of the Game Theory Society, which was held in São Paulo at FEA-USP, from 24-31 July, celebrating the birthday of Prof. Marilda Sotomayor.





We presented two posters, "Modeling multicriteria group decision making using Game Theory" and "Review of algorithms to find Nash equilibrium and their use in group decision making" and could meet and interact with people from every part of world, including Prof. John Nash Jr, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Steven Brams, from New York University.


We were warmly welcomed by Prof. Maurício Bugarin, from Universidade de Brasília, and Prof. Marilda Sotomayor, from FEA, which were the organizers of the event, and it was a unique experience to attend such a great workshop.